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Lisa Drum

Dr. Lisa Drumb, BCBA – Director of Operations

Dr. Lisa Drumb, PhD, BCBA, is an exceptional and dedicated professional with a passion for education and applied behavior analysis (ABA). Her illustrious career, which commenced in 2001 within the realm of education and special education, has evolved into a remarkable journey marked by significant achievements and contributions.

In 2010, Dr. Drumb transitioned into the field of ABA, where her innate talent for understanding the intricacies of behavior became apparent. By 2013, she had earned the prestigious designation of Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and embarked on a fulfilling path as a consultant, quickly establishing herself as a leader in the field.

Dr. Drumb’s impact has been felt across diverse settings, including school districts, clinics, residential treatment facilities, mental health inpatient facilities, and the comforting environment of clients’ homes. Her leadership in these varied environments showcases her ability to navigate challenges and implement effective interventions tailored to the unique needs of individuals.

One of Dr. Drumb’s significant milestones occurred in 2018 when she earned her PhD in Education with a concentration in Special Education. This academic achievement not only reflects her dedication to advancing her knowledge but also positions her as a thought leader in the field, capable of driving innovation and positive change.

Adding to her list of accomplishments, Dr. Drumb has been an esteemed educator in higher education since January 2016. Her role as an educator not only highlights her commitment to knowledge dissemination but also showcases her ability to inspire the next generation of professionals. Dr. Drumb’s leadership in academia reinforces her capacity to shape the future of ABA, ensuring that emerging professionals are equipped with the skills and passion needed to make a lasting impact.

Dr. Lisa Drumb’s remarkable journey, from the classroom to the forefront of ABA and academia, showcases her unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with special needs. Her combination of hands-on experience, academic prowess, and passion for education positions her as an incredible force and the perfect leader for Succeed ABA.

Dr. Drumb is responsible for building and growing our Clinical and Operational Excellence Team, defining our clinical and operational excellence strategy, and setting the framework for Succeed ABA around how to define impact and outcomes to mutually benefit the children we serve. Her milestones underscore not just her expertise but also her ability to lead and innovate in the dynamic field of applied behavior analysis.

Karolina Elias

Karolina Elias – Quality Assurance BCBA

Karolina received her bachelors in Psychology from the University of Houston in 2019 and her master in ABA from the University of North Texas in 2021. She has been a BCBA for almost a year but has been in the ABA field since January 2020. She has supervised several RBTs and has collaborated with several other professionals such as OTs and SLPs. Karolina is familiar with early intensive behavioral intervention and working with Spanish-speaking families. Some of her hobbies include traveling, going on hikes, and spending time with her partner and 3 fur babies. She is also part of Big Brother Big Sister, so in her free time she likes to spend time with her little.

Abby Williams

Abby Williams – BCBA

Abby received her bachelor’s degree from the Indiana University School of Education majoring in elementary education and special education. She worked as a special education teacher in Indianapolis for 6 years and spent a year working for the special education department for Indianapolis Public Schools.

During this time, she received her masters in Applied Behavior Analysis from Marian University. She pursued a career in ABA to learn how to best support students, staff, and families with evidence-based practices. The knowledge she acquired during her time in the field has allowed her to be a better teacher and advocate for those she works with. As an educator and a BCBA, Abby strives to develop and provide person-centered interventions that help others reach their full potential.

Tersa Burton

Teresa Bunton – BCBA

Teresa received her bachelors degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Special Education. She received her masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an Emphasis in Autism while working as a Registered Behavior Technician. Both degrees were obtained at Ball State University. She has been in the field of ABA since January 2016 and has mostly worked in the home and school setting. The majority of her experience is with early learners, ages 2-7. Teresa loves transitioning clients into the school environment and watching them thrive. 

Matt Stephens

Matt Stephens – BCBA

David “Matt” received his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology from Indiana University and his master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University. Matt worked in group homes and day programs until he joined the field of ABA in 2016. He received his BCBA certification in 2018 and has practiced as a clinician in clinic, home, school, and vocational settings. Matt specializes in teaching self-management skills, school integration, and parent training. Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, hiking, watching football and Marvel movies, and reading Stephen King books.

Audrey Linville

Audrey Linville – BCBA

Audrey graduated from Anderson University with her undergraduate degree in Social Work before pursuing graduate work in Applied Behavior Analysis at Ball State University. She has been working in the field of ABA since 2016, working with families in the clinic, home, school, and community settings. When she started working in ABA, she was a Registered Behavior Technician, working 1:1 with clients. After starting her graduate degree, she became a Clinical Apprentice and spent more time learning the clinical framework of ABA. In 2018, she became a BCBA and has been working with Autistic children and teenagers and their families ever since. Audrey has a history of working primarily with elementary-aged children on beginning communication skills and independent living skills.

Brittany Pugh

Brittany Pugh – BCBA

Brittany earned her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University in 2021 and has worked in the field of ABA for 6 years. Brittany began working in ABA therapy as a Registered Behavior Technician after working as an English Teacher. Outside of work, Brittany enjoys hiking with her husband and 3 dogs, horseback riding, and archery.

Kyle Sabelhaus

Kyle Sabelhaus – BCBA

Kyle completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a major in Psychology. In 2017, Kyle found the world of Applied Behavior Analysis when he moved to Indiana with his wife, and he began working as a Registered Behavior Technician. After a few years, this passion for working with children with Autism sparked the journey toward becoming a BCBA, which Kyle pursued with a Master’s Degree in ABA from Ball State University. Kyle worked as a program coordinator for 2 years while working toward becoming a BCBA, which he completed in January of 2023. Clients and parents are often surprised to learn that Kyle is also a professional commentator for the Pokemon Trading Card Game!

Victoria Hartman

Victoria Hartman – BCBA

With nearly two decades of experience in the education field, Victoria (Vickie) is honored to have served as an educator, holding licenses in elementary education and special education. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of working with students ranging from Kindergarten to eighth grade, where she has aimed to tailor learning experiences to each individual’s unique needs.

In her pursuit of continuous improvement, she diligently worked towards obtaining her BCBA certification, while supporting students with ADHD, ASD, and emotional disabilities. This journey has deepened her commitment to creating inclusive and supportive learning environments.
Outside of her professional roles, Victoria volunteers at Gigi’s Playhouse, a Down Syndrome Achievement Center.

On a creative note, she recently had the pleasure of choreographing two dance routines for the fall production at Gigi’s Playhouse, allowing her to merge her educational expertise with artistic creativity.

Victoria aspires to continue growing both professionally and personally in the service of others.

Emma Bridges

Emma Bridges – BCBA

Emma earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Indiana University. She further pursued her education and received her Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University. After completing her Masters degree, Emma earned her certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2019.

Throughout her career, Emma has gained experience providing ABA services in different settings including in-home, in-school, in the community, and in clinical settings. She has also worked with a wide range of diagnosis, as well as different age groups including adults, teens, and children. Her diverse experiences has allowed her to develop a competent and personalized approach to ABA therapy.

Maquice Peyton

Marquice Peyton – BCBA

Marquice earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at IUPUI.

While at IUPUI, she started her first job at a day center where she provided direct services and respite. It was respite that first gave her the unique opportunity to see how much help families need at home. This pushed her to apply to her first ABA job where she gained her RBT certification. Marquice grew to love home-based ABA and was hungry to grow and learn as much as she could, which led her to apply to Ball State University, where she obtained a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis in 2020.

Marquice’s favorite part of providing ABA therapy, besides pairing with the clients, is working with caregivers on de-escalation strategies during problem behavior. Marquice loves ABA because it allows her to work with caregivers as problems arise, and believes there is value in working with a child in their natural environment at their individual pace.

Marquice’s personal interests currently involve her dog Keeva, her nephews, and planning a future with her fiancé.

She enjoys spending time with her brother, who is two years younger than her and is diagnosed with Autism. They often talk about life, their childhood, and now parenthood for him.

Adagio Liggen

Adagio Liggen – BCBA

Adagio has been in the field of ABA for 5 years! Adagio’s experience as a BCBA has primarily revolved around early learners. Compassionate care with all kiddos and parents is what Adagio focuses on the most. One of Adagios’s favorite parts of ABA is trying to read as much of the scientific literature as possible. Adagio is always eager to learn new things in ABA.

Kelsey Figueroa

Kelsey Figueroa – BCBA

Kelsey received her BA in Psychology from the University of Washington, where she grew a passion for behavior and was eager to explore the field and what it had to offer.

Kelsey joined a school psychologist in undergrad where she met behavior analysts holding a workshop at the school, discussing behavior analysts. Kelsey connected with the analyst and later joined the company as a behavior technician in 2017. In 2019 Kelsey began her journey to become a behavior analyst through Arizona State University. In 2021 Kelsey received her MA program in Education with an emphasis in Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis. Kelsey has worked with learners of all ages as both an RBT and as a BCBA. Her professional passion includes working with early learners, and adolescents, implementing ABA principles in individual settings, teaching important life skills, and school readiness. Kelsey enjoys working with Behavior technicians and helping them build their skill set. In Kelseys free time she enjoys getting outdoors and spending time with her family.

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