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What is ABA Therapy?

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ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis and is a therapy that is based on analyzing and studying behavior and learning. It has been used to help children on the autism spectrum gain skills and live healthier lives since the 1960s. ABA therapy takes into account how behavior works, how it’s affected by the environment we’re in, and how learning takes place. The goal of ABA therapy is to increase helpful behaviors and decrease harmful behaviors while creating a personalized treatment program that meets the unique needs of each child.

ABA Therapy helps to:

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Increase language and communication skills

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Improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics

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Promote independence and self-care

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Start your child on the path to progress today!

Our Process:

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Speech therapist and little patient training articulation
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Introductory Call

On your initial call, we’ll listen to your concerns and provide information on autism, ABA therapy, and what’s needed to begin the process.
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Insurance and Diagnostic Evaluation

After verifying insurance coverage, we’ll assist your family in scheduling a diagnostic evaluation. If you already have a diagnostic report, we’ll submit it to insurance for approval.
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Female child psychologist working with a little preschool girl in a bright office.
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Initial Assessment

After the report is approved by insurance, a qualified BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) will perform a detailed assessment, which includes analyzing your child’s skills, listening to your concerns, and determining how many hours of therapy your child needs per week. This assessment is then sent to insurance for approval.
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Treatment Plan

Once approved, we create a treatment plan, which includes specific goals and is customized to your child’s skills, needs, preferences, and family.
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Mother and her teenager daughter talking with therapist.
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Therapy Begins

We match up an RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) to provide ABA therapy at the location and schedule that works for your family. Some of the areas your child may be working on include communication, social skills, self-care, play and leisure, motor skills, and academic skills. Each skill is broken down into small, concrete steps, making mastery attainable.
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Progress Monitoring & Parent Training

Your child’s progress is measured to make sure that he is moving towards his goals on a regular basis. We meet with your family weekly to review progress and plan new goals.
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How We Maintain Our Level of Care.

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Personal Connection

A dedicated case manager is your point of contact and always keeps in touch to make sure you’re satisfied with your team and feel supported throughout every stage of the process.
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Steady Supervision

Our Clinical Director oversees and leads our team of BCBA’s in each state, with a BCBA shadowing your RBT regularly to ensure the treatment plan is being carried out appropriately.
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Parent Support

To ensure ABA therapy carries over into home life, you’ll meet with your child’s BCBA once a week to help feel confident in techniques, address new challenges, answer questions and get any additional support.

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