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Individuals between the ages of 12 months to 21 years.


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Archie’s Story

Going from Loneliness and Confusion to Support & Clarity

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“I really like their service. They are very understanding and supportive, always listening and taking your thoughts and ideas into consideration. I am very happy with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for ABA services.”

Meenakshi, Succeed ABA Parent
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It’s 9. AM. The kids should be in school. And you should be at work. But you’re late. Again.

Why? Because every morning is a battle. Getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast. Archie’s a cute 6 year old. But everyday tasks have morphed from what should be a quick to-do list to a “we-can-never-get-anything-done” list.

Archie also has a hard time interacting with his siblings. He can’t express his needs. He just yells and tantrums. And the meltdowns at stores are mortifying. Archie looks like other kids. But he doesn’t act like other kids. Why not?

You’re worried you’re a bad parent and this is your fault.
Maybe you feed him too many sweets? Or maybe you should be stricter about a schedule? Or less strict?

You constantly doubt your choices.
You listen as teachers recommend parenting techniques.
You nod as other moms share what worked for them.

But none of it works for Archie.
Until one day, your pediatrician shares his suspicions: Autism.

You’ve heard the word before and at once you’re both terrified and relieved. Perhaps it’s not your fault. Maybe there are people that can help.

So you start the process of getting an appointment for an official diagnosis, required by insurance. And your relief turns to dismay. 18 months? You call and you call, but you’re getting the runaround and Archie is getting more difficult by the day.

You start scouring online sites for information and another mom mentions Succeed ABA. You muster up the strength to make another call. And you’re so glad you did. Because they have the resources you need.

Within 3 months, you have a diagnosis. Your child is evaluated and treatment begins. And slowly but surely, life transforms.

Archie begins performing everyday tasks, like brushing his teeth. His therapist identifies the challenges, breaks down the steps, and provides encouragement and motivation. There are less tantrums. Even his siblings are seeing changes, as Archie learns to share and be more expressive.

And now at 9 am? You’re at work.
On time.

You’re not alone!

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Autism can be a hidden diagnosis. It isn’t like other medical conditions with obvious signs. You may feel like a bad parent, know people are judging you, try to advocate for your child, and not make any progress, because the underlying diagnosis hasn’t been identified.

Employing a Full Suite of Caring Professionals to Support You.

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At Succeed ABA, we are here to offer compassion and support as you explore help for your child. We’re here to provide guidance and make life better.

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Clinical Directors, RBTs, BCBAs, and Psychologists

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Intake, Case Managers, Internal Office Operations, Client Relations

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Supervision & Talent Acquisition

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How We Make it Easier for You.

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Number One

One Point of Contact

Whether you have questions or your physician wants an update, we assign a dedicated case manager to your child, with a direct phone number, in order to answer questions, provide clarity and keep you updated on your child’s treatment and progress.

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Straightforward Help

Our Intake and Case Management teams provide guidance and support every step of the way.

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Authentic Care

Tiered supervision, companywide clinical trainings and a compassionate team ensure your child receives the highest caliber of care.

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