Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my child need a diagnosis in order to receive services?
Insurance companies won’t approve and cover your child’s ABA treatment unless he has a diagnosis of Autism or PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder).
How does Succeed ABA offer expedited diagnosis for autism?
While many providers have a year + waitlist, Succeed ABA has a network of psychologists that dedicate time to servicing our clients and
expediting the process.
What is the difference between receiving a diagnosis from a pediatrician and a psychologist?
A psychologist will evaluate your child for autism, but a developmental pediatrician generally will conduct a broader testing process and screen for other developmental concerns.
Can I still see a developmental pediatrician even if I already have a diagnosis from a psychologist?
Of course, it may be beneficial to have a more complete evaluation in the future, however getting a diagnosis now will enable your child to receive help earlier. You can see one of our psychologists, get a diagnosis, start treatment and then see a developmental pediatrician at their earliest available opening for broader testing.
My child has an autism diagnosis but it was given via another ABA agency . Am I allowed to transfer the diagnosis to your agency?
Of course! A diagnosis must be obtained by a practitioner, such as a PCP (primary care provider), psychologist, or developmental pediatrician. It is separate from any evaluation or treatment that you received and can be used by any agency to apply for approval of services.
Should I have my child evaluated for other therapies, such as OT, PT or speech?
A child can receive many avenues of support. It’s always helpful to see what areas can be strengthened.
My understanding is that ABA therapy is very time consuming, sometimes running 30 hours or more per week. I work full - time. How can I fit ABA therapy into my schedule?
In order to accommodate your work schedule, ABA therapy can be provided in school, if the school allows, or your child can receive therapy at our centers, offering flexible options.
I don’t have a mode of transportation and can’t bring my child to and from therapy. How can he receive services?
Our staff will travel to your home to provide services.
My child is receiving ABA therapy in our home. Do I have to be home while he receives therapy?
By law, an adult or guardian must be present while your child is receiving therapy. Our RBT’s and BCBA’s offer flexible timing and will work around your family’s schedule.
Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we accept over 100 insurances. Call to find out if you qualify!
Do I have to apply for approval of treatment with insurance?
Succeed ABA handles all parts of the application and approval process. Once we complete an evaluation, we create a plan for treatment and submit it to the insurance company for approval. We keep you informed upon approval regarding the number of hours allowed and treatment plan

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