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At Succeed ABA, we provide the highest quality in-home ABA therapy to children on the Autism spectrum to help them achieve their full potential!

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We provide therapy wherever suits your family best.

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Who is ABA therapy designed to help?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) helps us understand how individuals best learn. Using this information we create a tailored therapy program for your child.

We typically see improvement in:

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Verbal Skills

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Social Skills

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Behavior and Regulation

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Everything we do is designed to help your child reach their fullest potential. During the intake phase we listen and work as your partner to gather the information needed to tailor a plan to your child’s unique needs.
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Verify Insurance

Our insurance and billing experts will take care of the entire insurance verification process.
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Once approved, our team will schedule an assessment with one of our super-friendly Board Certified Behavior Analysts. As part of the assessment, we will work directly with your child in your home to develop an individualized plan.
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Therapy Begins!

After the assessment, we will provide a comprehensive written therapy plan for review by you and your insurance provider. After approval, the therapy begins.
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NY Headquarters: 3611 14th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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